A Quick and Easy DIY Body Scrub To Help Slough Away Scaly Skin

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It’s the same thing, every Winter. Every single Winter I brace myself for the onslaught of dry, itchy skin that I am guaranteed to get once the Winter rolls in with it’s cold, unforgiving wind that zaps your skin of any drop of moisture it ever had.

Dramatic? Maybe. But any winter-dwellin’ dame (or dude) who has ever battled through a harsh winter knows that it can certainly take its toll on you.

So instead of rolling over and just taking it this year, I’m switching things up!

This year, I’m gonna scrub what my mama gave me with a luxurious DIY body scrub that will help to exfoliate away that dry, scaly skin, open up my pores, and hydrate my skin even after I towel off.

Oh, and I don’t have just one scrub to share, I’ve got 3!

So what are you waiting for, scroll sistah, scroll.

A Simply Sweet Scrub

I always find that a nice invigorating citrus-y scent can really perk me up on bleh days. It just smells so fresh and clean that I can’t help but want to smell like that.

Luckily, I stumbled onto this Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub, a quick and easy DIY body scrub that not only scrubs away dry skin but makes your skin feel crazy soft even after you are dried off.

It’s so easy to make, all you need is:Recipe for lemon zest DIY body scrub

  • 1 2/3 cup of Sugar
  • 1/2 cup of Almond Oil – I like this one
  • 2-3 Tea bags
  • zest of one Lemon
  • a few drops of essential oil (think citrus – lemon, lime, or even grapefruit)

Once you have your ingredients together, simply:

  • pour your Almond Oil into a big glass jar (think mason jar )
  • place Tea bags in the oil
  • allow the Tea bags and Oil to steep for about an hour
  • remove the Tea bags and add your Sugar, Lemon zest and essential oil
  • stir thorough until evenly combined
  • seal with a secure lid and decorate if you’re feeling crafty that day

Next time your skin is feeling a little dry, step into the shower, scoop some out, and scrub that scaly skin away! Just be careful you don’t slip as the oil can make your shower floor a little slippery.

Dead Sea Salvation

If oil-based exfoliants aren’t really your cup of tea – see what I did there? I’m so clever today – then strut your sexy self on over to your nearest natural foods store and pick yourself up some:

Recipe for sugar and salt DIY body scrub
  • Dead Sea Salt (or Epsom if you want to keep it a little more affordable)
  • coarse Raw Sugar (or even Cane Sugar)
  • pure Honey

Once you have got all your ingredients mix:

  • equal parts Salt and Sugar
  • pour in Honey and mix until you have a gooey, sticky consistency
  • scoop your mixture into a clean glass jar and secure with a lid

Each time you feel your skin needs a good buffing, scoop some of your DIY body scrub out, rub into your skin, and rinse thoroughly to ensure you don’t feel too sticky afterwards.

The coarse granules of the Sugar and Salt will help to exfoliate away the dry skin while also locking in moisture thanks to the humectant properties found in Honey.

It’s like a microdermabrasion treatment, but it smells better.

Peppermint Pampering

If you are feeling a little festive and want to get in the holiday spirit, but it’s just a little too early to deck the halls, whip up this minty mixture!

Not only will it leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed but you can keep the festive mood going by stirring up a lovely little libation afterwards.

But before you dip into the sauce, first gather up:

Recipe for peppermint DIY body scrub

  • I cup of coarse Sugar
  • 1/3 cup of Baby Oil (hypoallergenic if you prefer)
  • 2 tablespoons of Corn Syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Peppermint essential oil
  • 1 drop of green food colouring (optional)

Once you have all of that just mix your ingredients together in a medium-size bowl and scoop into clean glass jars.

You know what comes next – shower and scrub away!

The minty aroma will cool, soothe, and refresh your tired, winter-beaten skin and make you think of fresh-baked cookies, hot chocolate, and rum-spiked egg nog….or maybe that’s just me.

No matter which scrub you choose your skin will feel luxuriously soft, smell enticing, and look radiant.

And the best part? These scrubs cost pennies per exfoliation, meaning they could make for a frugal yet fabulous holiday gift. Pair them with a DIY body butter and you have just given your girlfriends the gift of great skin!

Speaking of holiday gifts….nah…..I’ll make you wait for that one. *wink*

Do you have a simple DIY body scrub you love to make? Share the recipe with us in the comment section below!

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  • Hiya – I love the idea of making a home made scrub but I always find them really grainy to use on my face. I’m worried this one might be the same because of the sugar granules.

    Any suggestions?


  • Hey Nicky,

    Yeah this one would be a tad grainy because of the sugar but it shouldn’t be too bad…also you don’t have to use raw sugar…you could try brown sugar or white sugar as both are softer

    Or why not try baking soda? That’s even softer :)

    Hope that helps!


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