Diamond Radiance Review: Our Say On This New ‘At Home’ Treatment

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Diamond Radiance*Update: The Diamond Radiance is no longer available. If you still want to find a solid microdermabrasion machine, consider the Microderm MD. It’s my absolute favourite!*

Are you one of the thousands of people who would love to restore a look of youthful vitality to your skin and erase any signs of aging from your face? You’re not alone.

Anti-aging skin creams and products are a dime a dozen, and it’s rare to find a product that actually delivers on the many promises it makes.

There are a few products out there who back up their promises and deliver results but finding them can be an expensive task.

Recently, we have been hearing a lot about a couple of new microdermabrasion products, the first being our favorite, the Microderm MD and the second called the Diamond Radiance that seems to be making waves in the skin care industry.

So we put our team on the job to do a little investigating and see what the Diamond Radiance is all about.

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Here is what they found all written down and prepared for you in our official Diamond Radiance review…

What the Heck is Diamond Radiance?

Through their research our team found that Diamond Radiance is an at-home microdermabrasion machine that uses a special and effective vacuum technology.

It removes the dead skin cells and promotes new skin growth, helping your skin to look much younger, softer, and move even, giving your skin a youthful glow.

Up until recently, these kinds of microdermabrasion treatments were only available in clinics and salons. Now you can order a whole stack of at-home treatments, the hard part is determining which one works the best…

How Does Diamond Radiance Work?

The process is simple. Diamond Radiance is equipped with various tips that have a multitude of uniformly sized tiny diamond particles that are used as the abrasive to easily and comfortably remove your dead skin cells.

As these tips glide over your skin there is a simultaneous suctioning action that helps to permanently remove these cells from your skin.

As the microdermabrasion is being done, the suction from the vacuum, which has 5 different speed settings, causes the blood flow to increase around the area you are treating.

When this happens, collagen production is promoted. In turn the gentle pulling of the skin stimulates the regrowth, leaving you with a renewed layer of skin that is free of the suffocating dead cells.

Through regular use of Diamond Radiance, you should see subtle changes that will gradually but surely erase your skin problems.

After each treatment and as the new skin grows, spots will fade, wrinkles will become less visible, and your skin will become softer and more smooth.

What Diamond Radiance Cannot Do

While Diamond Radiance at-home microdermabrasion machine helps to effectively exfoliate your skin and promote new skin cell growth, one thing it doesn’t do is clean your skin.

This is something you should do before starting your microdermabrasion treatment and then finish off your treatment with a gentle moisturizer that will help to lock in the moisture found in the new layer of skin on your face.

As long as you take proper care of your skin, you will have no problems and should be on your way to younger, clearer, more healthy looking skin.

Our Verdict: 

While there isn’t a miracle skin treatment for combating aging, there are treatments that seem to work better than others, and we believe Diamond Radiance to be one of these products, which is why we gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Most Diamond Radiance reviews don’t usually talk about this, but before ordering your own you should make sure you do your price comparison homework.

We combed the web for the best deal for our readers and were surprised to see that the best deal was actually found on the Diamond Radiance main website, and not on other third party merchant sites like Amazon, Ebay, or even Walmart as we had expected.

When you order Diamond Radiance from the main site you will receive not only your Diamond Radiance machine but also a set of 2 medium diamond tips, 2 fine diamond tips, 40 disposable hygienic filters, as well as an AC power adapter.

Another price advantage found on the main site is that you can try Diamond Radiance for 30 days, risk-free, for only $14.95.

On every other site you have to buy the machine outright in order to try it. We like the fact that you can try Diamond Radiance for 30 days for such a low price, so that you can make a decision before actually purchasing the machine at the full amount.

Finally and as always, we want to hear from our readers. If you have tried Diamond Radiance or are thinking about trying Diamond Radiance please leave a review or comment below sharing your thoughts or experiences.

*As mentioned above, the Diamond Radiance is no longer available*

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  • Cyndee Ordonez May 29, 2012 8:54 pm

    I ordered this and just tried it for the first time yesterday and I’ve noticed a difference after the first use. less wrinkles around my eyes and I have a big wrinkle that runs across my neck and I really noticed it there. i saw another person said they took the head off and used it for a lip plumper….gonna try that one…I”m glad I ordered this machine, Diamond Radiance is great.!!

  • Cyndee we are THRILLED to hear this!! So happy Diamond Radiance is working for you and that you are already seeing such noticeable results! Keep it up girlfriend and make sure you keep us in the loop on your progress or send us some photos of your before and after!

    Thank you so much for the comment, we love hearing from our readers!

  • I don’t expect miracles but I followed your advice to check out different prices. At heartland it says 69.99 with free shipping with the same parts included or the $14.99 trial. I am going to see what Walmart has as well. Just thought you should know.

  • Thank you so much for that Christine! I’m sure many readers will find that uber-helpful :-)

    Have your tried Diamond Radiance yet?

  • i want to know the price of this machine in indian rupees. How much time it will take to reach us.
    and what is the warranty ,if it need to be repaired where it can be done in india. How useful is it for acne scars

  • Thanks for getting in touch Pallavi!

    We simply review Diamond Radiance, we don’t sell it ourselves or have anything to do with the shipment or repair process.

    If you want to know how much it costs in your currency I would simply hit up xe.com and do a simple currency conversion :-)

    As for acne scars, since this is a microdermabrasion machine it does help to scrub away the top dead layers off your skin, encouraging new skin production and ultimately helping acne scars to fade. If you want to amp up your results you could try moisturizing them with vitamin E oil :)

    Hope that helps!

  • I did not get instructions with my machine although it’s easy to use. Which tip in fine and which is coarse? How often can I use this? How often should I change the filter?

  • Hey Mary Ann,

    Thanks for getting in touch with your questions.

    That’s weird that you didn’t get an instruction manual with your order, but if you do need it I would suggest getting in touch with Diamond Radiance and seeing if they can express ship it to you if you do in fact want it. As we just review the product, we don’t sell it ourselves so unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do to expediate that process for you…sorry about that.

    As for the filters etc.. I would probably switch the filters after every other use and you really only need to do a microdermabrasion treatment once per week, any more frequent than that and you could possibly do more damage than good….of course this depends on what type of skin you have :-)

    I hope that helps somewhat!

  • Thanks for your help. The reseller emailed me an instruction manual. For what it’s worth, I really like the product, even used it on my husband.

  • Aw now that’s what I like to hear!! Thrilled to hear it all worked out for you girl and so glad to hear you are happy with the product :-)

  • thanks so much for the advice… i have been reseaching these machines for a long time and its hard to find a review from someone who actually did the research and not from people trying to just sell the product thanks so much for the help


  • Aw thank you Tish, I’m so happy to hear the review helped you out!! And if you do end up ordering it, please let us know what you think of it :)

  • I have been reading all the reviews on the different microdermabration machines. I’m having a hard time deciding on which one. One that didn’t get the best reviews does offer replacement filters that you can reorder. The ones that said performed better did not mention anything about being able to order more replacement filters. So does that mean that you should buy the least expensive of those machines,because it will be the end of being able to use it?

  • Hey Sherry!

    Thanks for getting in touch :)

    What other microdermabrasion machines have you been researching? And which one were you considering going with? I only ask because I personally love the Microderm MD…and I shot a video on how it works and the effects after using it etc…

    You can check it out here if you want –> http://besskincare.com/microderm-md

    Also the Microderm MD offers a 30 day trial for only $15! That way you can test it out without having to invest too much money right off the bat!

    I hope that helps and let me know if you are still on the fence :-)

  • I was able to purchase Diamond Radiance through this site; however I cannot find their officialsite anymore to purchase additional tips. Other sites offer only the original complete kit offer.
    I love this product & wish to continue using it. Can you help me find more tips please?
    Thank you.

  • Hey Karen,

    From what I can tell, their site is down right now. I’m looking into it to see what they’re doing because they have a great product and all their tips etc. should still be made available.

    I’ll let you know once I hear something.

    Sorry I couldn’t help any further :-(

  • I purchased Diamond Radiance from the manufacturer and I think the product is outsatanding. Unfortunately, they slammed my card for the entire amount and did not credit me for the “trial” money I gave them. Now I am unable to find the tips. Can you help me?

  • Hey Penny,

    so sorry to hear you are out money…and you’re sure your credit didn’t come through afterwards?? If not, I would definitely get in contact with the folks at Diamond Radiance to see if they can refund the amount for your trial. But I am happy to hear that Diamond Radiance is working for you!!

  • We’re do u get diamond radiance? URL plz!

  • Hey Cathy,

    I just ran a bunch of searches for it and for some reason it’s not showing up in my results anymore. However, there is a similar product called the Microderm MD that I personally tested, loved, and offers a 30 day trial for $14.95 if you wanted to give that a shot instead.

    If you want to read more on the Microderm MD or check out the video review I did, check out this page http://besskincare.com/microderm-md

    Hope that helps!

  • Thx u rock! Its people like you that god smiles down to.

  • That’s so kind Cathy, thank you so much :)

  • Hello, I would love to order this machine but I cannot really find the official website…The Website Diamond Radiance
    http://www.diamondradiance.org looks official but she I want to order, it directs me to some crouton site??

  • Yeah I’m actually not too sure what’s going on with Diamond Radiance lately…but there is another microdermabrasion machine that I really dig if you want to check out the video review we shot –> http://besskincare.com/microderm-md

    It offers a 30 day trial for $14.95 if you do want to give it a go :-)

    Hope that helps!

  • Sameera Hijazi January 3, 2013 3:14 am


    Could you tell how much this Microdermabrassion ( diamond Radiance) machine costs? Also, how long will it take to get delivered to my UK address and do you offer any warrenty etc?

    Many thanks

  • Hi Sameera,

    I’m not entirely sure how long it will take to get Diamond Radiance shipped to the UK as we don’t own or manufacture or even distribute the product…we just simply reviewed it. You may want to contact the company directly so you get more accurate answers.

    However, if you aren’t completely sold on Diamond Radiance but still interested in a home microdermabrasion machine, you should check out the Microderm MD! I have used it and I loved it! Also you can try it out for 30 days for $15 to see if you like it. Here is the link –> http://besskincare.com/microderm-md

    Hope that helps!

  • I purchased Diamond Radience and use it twice a week. It has made an improvement in the dryness and smoothness feel of my skin. About how many times can I use the face tip before replacing it? They seem to be difficult to find. Thanks!

  • Hey Maureen,

    Yeah it is a great machine, but I wish they wouldn’t have discontinued selling it! You’re one of the lucky ones who got in before that happened :-)

    As far as the diamond tip goes, they’re supposed to last a few years. The problem is going to be finding a replacement for that machine because as I said they’ve stopped selling it.

    That’s why I’m telling everyone to get the Microderm MD because it’s the best, it’s been around the longest and is also likely to hang around for a very long time. That means they’ll always have replacement tips, which is obviously really important for these machines.

    If you bought the DR not long ago, don’t worry because you will be able to get some good use out of it for the next couple of years before deciding what to do after that.

    Thanks again for writing in!


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