Say Hello To Our Little Friend, Dermefface FX7: The Scarface Of Skincare

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Dermefface FX7 Results

*Typical results after 3 months worth of treatment.*

Ok that title is a little over-the-top we know. What we really meant to say was “Scar-fade” because that’s essentially the overall purpose of Dermefface FX7.

In this review we’re going to do our best to explain exactly how this product works, what it should and should not be used for and finally how successful it is at removing unwanted scars or at least the remnants of.

Dermefface FX7 In A Minute

Unfortunately for some people, scarring tends to be a problem for the long term. While some people have the ability to heal relatively quickly, others may not see a full recovery for up to a couple of years, depending on the type and severity.

Dermefface FX7 is simply a product designed to speed up the recovery process by applying additional ingredients to:

  • Promote new cell growth.
  • Push scar tissue to the surface and ultimately remove.
  • Speed up the final skin remodelling phase (the last step to returning your skin back to normal)

After application, the following symptoms should start to subside:

  • Redness
  • Flaky skin
  • Skin aging
  • Itching

As well, it’s promised that within a couple of weeks, you should start to see a general size reduction.

But what are the main ingredients and how do they work to reduce these symptoms?

Active Ingredients

Overall there’s a total of 22 ingredients that make up Dermefface FX7, with the majority being moisturizers and anti-oxidants that are usually found in most scar fading creams.

We’re just going to discuss the most important active ingredients:

  1. Symglucan
    Generally used more so for healing severe wounds, Symglucan makes up 10% of the overall mix. Plastic surgeons normally prescribe it to their patients, especially those after undergoing procedures like Lazer Skin Resurfacing. What’s it made from? Refined oats unbelievably.There’s a few applications for Symglucan, but the most well known is it’s ability to help produce collagen which is a compound made famous for its ability to help create new skin cells.
  2. Pentavitin
    Dermefface’s explain is a little tricky to understand, but basically our skin contains Keratin which makes up the majority of our outer skin. Pentavitin is essentially a moisturiser that locks itself onto Keratin and therefore making it extremely hard to remove, intern keeping your skin moisturised for longer. The only way to remove Pentavitin is via our dead skin.One of the main reasons why certain people cannot heal scar tissue faster then most is because of a lack of moisture in their skin. Therefore Pentavitin is definitely a good choice of ingredients to have included.
  3. Provitamin B5(D1 Panthenol)
    This is the last one worth mentioning and you may have heard of as it’s used in most of the leading shampoos and conditioners these days. Since the late 80’s we’ve known that this compound has the ability to regenerate new skin cells and after several new studies, it’s fairly clear that it does so. You’ll be hard pressed to find any skincare related product that doesn’t include Provitamin B5 in their remedy.

Of course that’s only 3 out of 22 ingredients, so if you want to read information about the rest, the link below will take you to Dermefface FX7’s page where they list all their ingredients.

Click here for the rest of the ingredients


Surprisingly there’s a large range of applications for this product. We’re going to do our best to cover all of them here:

  1. Acne Scars
    Probably the most common form of scarring and worst of all, almost the majority of time ends up appearing on the face and more specifically our cheeks. Most doctors will prescribe something like Tazorotene, but there are a number of side-effects with this type of drug including; painful stinging and intense itching, if you have mild acne it will result in worse inflammatory acne and oily skin.Because Dermefface is divided up into many different ingredients, you won’t see any kind of severe side effects that you would normally see after applying prescriptions.
  2. Burns
    Burn scars are some of the hardest to remove as normally a thorough destruction of your skin has taken place. Depending on the severity of course, some scars won’t heal at all. What you will see however is substantial fading and a general reduction in the visibility of your scar(s).
  3. Hypertrophic Scarring
    These types of scars generally form after serious injury(deep cut). When the body begins its healing process, this scar forms after excessive deposits of collagen build upon themselves and evenly produce a scar above the skin. They’re normally red and very itchy. After several applications, you should start to see your scar subside and fade in color.
  4. Surgery Scars
    Occasionally after surgery, some patients form scars that stay visible for a long time(it’s usually dependent on the quality of the surgeon). Again most doctors will prescribe you with something that will work rapidly but at the same time could potentially cause side effects. This is a good second choice product if you don’t feel comfortable with prescription medication(plus it’s also a lot cheaper)

There’s a couple of other applications as well but those four are the main ones worth discussing. If you want to read the rest of the applications for Dermefface FX7, the link below will take you to their main site.

Click here to find out other ways you can use Dermefface FX7

Price Comparisons

As always it’s important to spend some time shopping around for the best price. If you’re serious about getting this cream, then remember you’re probably going to have to use it for a while to give you scars the necessary time to heal.

Therefore you want to pay the cheapest amount for the longest possible time.

Third Party Merchants

Right now you’ll be hard pressed finding this product in any offline store, in fact we haven’t heard of any store stocking it as it’s a fairly new entry onto the market.

You can however buy Dermefface from Amazon.com for the same price as the supplier at $59 for a one month supply. Depending on the severely of your scar(s), you may need more then a one month supply so if you are then you’re better off buying in bulk…

Buying From Dermeffacefx7.com

You’re unlikely to see results within a month. In fact the minimum amount of time we would recommend for a scar with an average level of severity is 3 months.

So, with that said your best option is to buy in bulk from the direct supplier as you can tell from below –

One Month = $60 = $60/month

Three Months = $130 = $43/month

Six Months = $200 = $33/month

The last thing we want to do is tell you what you should and should not buy, that decision is totally up to you. But we do feel comfortable recommending at least 3 months worth of treatment in order to get the best results.

As always don’t just take our word. Read some more reviews and check out Dermefface’s site for more information before you make a decision.

Eager to Get Rid of Your Scars Once and For All? Click Here to Visit the Official Dermefface FX7 Website

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