Crystalift Microdermabrasion Machine: The Results So Far

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Crystalift MicrodermabrasionToday we’re going to be taking a look at a second form of microdermabrasion machine that has entered the market, the Crystalift.

This approach is completely different to that of the diamond tip devices like Microderm MD or Diamond Radiance.

This is due to the fact that instead of letting the diamond gently remove the top layer of dead skin, it implants tiny crystals that work to exfoliate the layer away.

Let’s find out what kind of results this machine has been able to offer so far in this our official Crystalift review.

Let’s Break It Down

As we mentioned before the Crystalift microdermabrasion machine works by using tiny crystals to help exfoliate away the top layer of skin.

We mention the process and purpose of microdermabrasion in a lot more depth over at our post on microdermabrasion machines, but basically by removing the top layer of skin, you reveal a softer new layer below which is more easily able to draw in vital nutrients to the deeper part of your skin – the Dermis.

A lot of people don’t know this, but pretty much the majority of skincare problems are related to what issues in the dermis.

For example acne can be caused by an excess of sebum oil produced by the sebaceous gland, which of course is found in the Dermis.

Only by having clear access to the dermis (removing the top layer of skin can achieve this), can a form of acne treatment work to reduce the amount of sebum oil being produced.

Crystalift works by implanting tiny, tiny crystals deep enough into the skin, which then when combined with the devices vacuum lift, help to remove the top layer of dead skin.

Once you have applied the device all over your skin, you then need to rinse off the crystals thoroughly with warm water so that none are left in your skin.

Leaving stray crystals in your skin, can result in deep skin damage so make sure you give your face a thorough rinse once you’re done.

Why It’s Hot!

We ain’t going to beat around the bush here, the Crystalift although much better then traditional microdermabrasion, doesn’t come close to any of the other at home machines on the market.

In saying that however, there are a couple of things that we did like about it:

1. It’s Cheaper
At $249 it’s around $50 less then most of the other devices on the market. Take note however of the fact that this machine requires refills of their crystal capsules, which over time may add up to be more expensive, we’re not 100% sure about that though.

2. It’s Nice And Gentle
Most people who use crystal microdermabrasion say it’s by far the most gentle on your skin and we would probably have to agree. Post application, your face won’t be as pink and most users notice no pain whatsoever which is a definite plus.

Although there’s a couple of nice things about Crystalift, unfortunately there are also a few downfalls as well.

Why It’s Not!

Okay this is a nice little product, but when compared to some of the other devices out there, it just doesn’t quite match up in terms of power.

Remember the purpose of a microdermabrasion machine is to completely remove the top layer of skin and unfortunately most crystal microdermabrasion devices like the Crystalift, just ain’t got the powerful necessary to clear the entire top layer!

Another thing we hate(maybe a little strong) about machines like this, is the fact you constantly need refills and you have to pay for them. Ultimately you’ll see just as good results from a diamond tip and at the same time – no refills necessary.

Finally crystal microdermabrasion can result in serious damage if the crystals aren’t completely rinsed off your face after application.

Skin Score!

It’s was fairly easy to make the decision as to which was the better approach to microdermabrasion when comparing diamond tip to crystal. Diamond tips are more powerful and at the same time cause no side effects and don’t require refills.

As far as a crystal device goes, the Crystalift is definitely one of the better ones, but when compared to all machines on the market, we couldn’t quite rate it as high as some of the others.

In fact, it didn’t even make our list of the top 3 at-home microdermabrasion machines. Awwwkward.

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