Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream Review

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Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face CreamMy fiancé suffers from Rosacea from time to time and I have to admit, it’s one of the more stubborn skin conditions a person could suffer from.

If you have it, then you know exactly what I mean when we literally tried everything we could to get it to go away, but nothing seemed to work!

That was until I was referred onto a face cream by someone at one of the most popular online Rosacea forums who said they would almost guarantee it would help.

It was of course the product that is under review today – Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream.

I’ll break down the reasons why this cream could be the best choice for anyone suffering from Rosacea and then show you some before and after pictures of my fiancé so you can see just how dramatic the results were.

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How Does It Work?

The overwhelming majority of people who suffer from Rosacea tend to also have fairly sensitive skin that does not react well to most products that contain parabens, lanolin, fragrances and other ingredients commonly used in cosmetics.

Complex 15 doesn’t use any of these traditional ingredients, making it instantly lighter on your skin, preventing flareups in the process.

The second reason why Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream has the potential to help resolve Rosacea is due to the phospholipids it contains, which is certainly something not a lot of brands are using.

Phospholipids help strengthen the membrane of skin cells, preventing any unwanted toxins from entering in and causing damage.

Basically, a stronger skin cell membrane means a stronger skin cell, something that those with sensitive skin desperately require to prevent certain outbreaks from occurring including Rosacea.

Strengthening these membranes also helps restore the regular balance of moisture your skin requires to stay healthy.

Complex 15 In Action

Okay I’m about to show you some before and after pictures of my fiancé’s skin up close and personal. This is after just over 2 weeks worth of daily treatment. The results may vary from person to person, but you should get a good idea of how effective this face cream can be.

Let’s take a look…

rosacea before and after

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As I mentioned before this is after forcing him to apply the cream every day and I’m fairly certain he missed a couple along the way, but he wouldn’t tell me of course!

I also don’t think he was too impressed with me putting pink arrows on his face, but anyway moving on…

His Rosacea isn’t 100% clear yet, but it certainly is on the right track. We’re honestly just glad that we managed to find a product to keep it under control before it became any worse.

I know he’s not in the severe category of sufferers, but this is one of those conditions that progressively gets worse over time.

It’s important to find a treatment that works as quickly as possible so you can keep it under raps, preventing it from worsening in the future.

Skin Score!

I think we’ve managed to find a solution to Josh’s problem that first of all doesn’t cost too much, secondly works quickly to bring down symptoms and finally causes no ill side effects upon application.

That was the main issue we found with a lot of the products on the market. The majority we tried tended to have the opposite effects, which I’m sure many of you can testify to having happened in the past.

In my honest opinion this is quite possibly the lightest, most effective form of treatment for Rosacea available today and I would definitely recommend it to anyone having difficulties managing this condition.

Overall Score: 94%

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  • 50 bucks for a little tube of this stuff? I can’t really afford that, doesn’t seem very “cost efficient.”

  • Yea $50 is a lot, but to be fair it lasts 6-8 weeks so you really get your moneys worth!


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