Clear Skin Max Review: Powerful Treatment Or A Pointless Purchase?

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Clear Skin MaxMost of us have had problems with our skin at one point or another, and some of us have a harder time than the rest clearing up their skin.

It seems like we are always hearing about a new miracle product that’s hit the market and is guaranteed to clear up your skin in only a few uses.

Usually these products are just full of hype and are actually a waste of your money, or they end up being so harmful to your skin that you wish you never tried them in the first place.

Lately, we have been hearing a lot about a new product called Clear Skin Max. So far there’s been some fairly decent results, but how does it stack up against the powerhouses of acne treatment? We decided to put our team on the job to do some research to come up with a Clear Skin Max review to see what kind of an effect this treatment could possibly have on different types of acne.

What they found was pretty interesting.

What is Clear Skin Max?

If you have had acne for any prolonged length of time, you have probably tried more than your fair share of treatments.  It’s also likely that you’ve tried something similar to this treatment, which is essentially a complete acne management system.

In fact the idea of this product is similar to that of the our top recommended acne treatment, with two major differences:

  1. Like Proactiv, this is a one-size-fits-all approach to acne treatment, no matter what type of skin you have.
  2. It’s a 6 step system instead of 3.

Although Clear Skin Max claims to only use natural ingredients, this is in fact something quite common these days and it’s important to note that this claim is starting to become much looser and looser.

Today in order to be classified as an all natural solution, you merely have to mention that your ingredients are DERIVED from natural sources, something of which is common with the majority of ingredients used today.

Don’t be fooled by that claim.

Here’s what’s involved in the 6 step system:

  1. Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Gel
    Not a great deal is known about the effects of tea tree oil for acne treatment. It has in the past offered some results, however only on light to moderate levels of acne. Still we’re sure it probably offers some benefits.
  2. Softener
    Next comes the application of an algae-based skin softener to help open pores. They don’t mention what type of algae is used in their softener, but if we were to guess we’d probably say spirulina. Although it’s a great source of antioxidants, again not a lot is known about the effects of this algae on skin tissue.
  3. Acne Mask
    The main ingredient used in the mask is a compound extracted from a type of root called the comfrey root. The name of of this compound is Allantoin and one of it’s apparent properties is the ability to clear away dead skin cells from the upper layers of skin. Although not a lot of research has been done into it’s effect on acne, this is by far the biggest driving force of Clear Skin Max.
  4. Conditioning Lotion
    Next you apply a conditioner, which again uses Allantoin this time for the purpose of increasing the production of keratin, helping to restore moisture in the skin. It also uses this stuff called Witch Hazel which is an oily extract from the seeds of the Witch Hazel tree found in North America. Again no tests have been conducted, but it’s apparent properties include it’s ability to sooth red and damaged skin.
  5. Acne Treatment Emergency
    This is basically just an oil containing one active ingredient, which is stated on their site – Squalane Oil. We couldn’t find any reference to that  particular spelling interpretation so we think they are referring to Squalene Oil.Where does this come from you ask?SHARK LIVERS!Of course there’s no mention of this on Clear Skin Max’s site and to be completely honest with you, this was probably the biggest turn off for us. Not only do we disagree with the killing of a species which is threatened by extinction, but this particular ingredient has almost no medicinal purpose whatsoever. In fact it’s more likely that its toxicity levels could be harmful for human consumption with reports of nausea, upset stomach and diarrhoea resulting in the past.
  6. Anti Acne Tea
    Yeah okay so we’re all fairly clear that tea has a lot of beneficial properties, one being that it contains a lot of antioxidants that help boost skin cell production. Applying moist teabags directly to your skin will allow the caffeine from the tea to soak into your pores, making your skin look brighter. We also mentioned this in our video on how to reduce dark circles.Anyway the last step is to drink tea. Yeah it’s going to help you a little, but in reality you could spend a fraction of the amount of money picking up a box of green tea from the supermarket and drinking that instead.

A few great ideas in there, but in terms of it’s ability to clear acne quickly and effectively, they just weren’t able to sway our opinion enough to make it our top acne treatment.

In fact, Clear Skin Max didn’t even make our top 3 choices for the best acne treatment available.

Here’s some of the positives.

Why It’s Hot!

There’s a couple of things we did like about CSM and they include:

  1. Allantoin
    Not enough acne treatments are making use of this great ingredient. Although it’s not as powerful as benzoyl peroxide at clearing dead skin and reducing sebum(natural skin oil) levels, it’s much less irritable for those with sensitive skin.
  2. It’s Thorough
    Because there’s literally 5 steps(we’re purposely not counting the final step of drinking tea because that’s just silly), an application of anything 5 times is bound to give good results. It also gets you into a good routine, helping you to form great habits when it comes to taking care of your skin.
  3. It’s Mostly Natural
    It’s not the easiest thing these days to say whether or not a product is 100% natural, however CSM is probably about as natural as they come. This means less side effects and irritation.

As always, there’s also a few things we hated about Clear Skin Max.

Why It’s Not!

This is basically why we couldn’t give CSM the number one spot on our list of the best acne treatment for this year. They include:

  1. It’s Too Natural!
    Not a lot of reviewers would be willing enough to come out and say that a product is too natural, but when it comes to doing the one thing you need – stopping acne – the natural ingredients used just aren’t powerful enough. For those suffering from light to moderate acne you will see results yes, but that’s mainly due to the fact you’re only now just starting to properly take care of your skin. For those with moderate to severe acne, CSM just won’t cut it for you unfortunately.
  2. There’s No Customization
    What you see is what you get basically. It’s a bit of a one size fits all acne solution, which doesn’t take into consideration different skin types or severity of acne. It’s the main reason why we chose Zenmed Acne Solutions over Clear Skin Max to be our #1 acne solution.
  3. Squalene Oil
    This was the biggest let down as far as we’re concerned. Although in the past rumors have circled about its healing ability, absolutely no testing has been done to determine its effect as a form of acne treatment. For it to help in terms of healing, it would have to be applied at a high level of concentration, which could then result in potentially harmful effects. The reality is, CSM has diluted the oil to a degree that couldn’t possibly allow it to have any effect whatsoever.
  4. It’s A Little Expensive
    At $70 for a one month supply, it’s one of the more expensive acne treatments on the market. Although it does offer good results, for that price you’re better off saving your money and going with a cheaper solution that is comparable in terms of its acne fighting effects.

Skin Score!

Clear Skin Max is a great little system that works really well for those with light to moderate acne problems. A lot of those who stand by this product will say that the reason why they like it is because they never experience any side effects.

The problem is that for those who experience fairly severe acne, this acne system just ain’t gonna cut it!

Natural ingredients will only go so far and in the case of the little product, most users with severe acne saw little to no benefits at all.

If you fit in the first category, then CSM will give you some good results, but for the price you’d be paying, you’re better off purchasing something a little cheaper.

Overall Score: 87%

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