Charlize Theron’s Microdermabrasion Secret

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There’s been a little bit of press as of late around Charlize Theron’s pre red carpet skin preparation.

Yes we know they all stick to a strict workout regime on a constant basis, but little is know about how they get that silky smooth complexion. After all the last thing they want to see is a closeup of their skin problems on the cover of Us Weekly.

Charlize’s Pre Award Show Skin Prep Routine

Ok every celebrity is different, but here’s what Charlize does before she hits the red carpet. A couple days before a show, she visits Ole Hendriksen’s Private Los Angeles spa for a 50-minute long “Power Peel” using microdermabrasion.

Of course it’s unlikely any of us will be able to afford a visit to Ole’s Spa, but on the other hand, we’re probably not going to make our way onto the red carpet anytime soon either.

So with that said, there are alternatives that will help you get a similar kind of complexion that Charlize has in front of the cameras.

At Home Microdermabrasion Machines

Ok these aren’t going to transform you into a moviestar, but they will reduce the effects of fine lines and wrinkles. There’s a couple to choose from but the one we found to get the best results is a product called Microderm MD and you can read a little more about it through the link below:

Read More On Microderm MD

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