CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Review: Perfect For Those With Sensitive Skin

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Cerave Hydrating CleanserAbout two weeks ago in the shower, I realized I was using the wrong cleanser!

You see, I came to a realization…I didn’t know what was in the product I was using!

I had absolutely no idea. Now ordinarily I wouldn’t have worried too much about it, except that like most cleansers I was using it everyday.

When you apply something to your skin everyday, you better make sure it ain’t causing any damage.

In the case of the product I was using, it certainly was having a negative effect, mainly due to the cosmetic ingredients it contained.

Ingredients like propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate are common in cleansers and all of them can cause irritation, especially if you’re like me with sensitive skin!

That was when I literally dropped my bottle of Cetaphil(recommended to me by a dermatologist) out of shock, because right there on the back, what did I see?


It was time for a change, so I jumped out of the shower, threw on some clothes and hit the net to see if I could find myself a better alternative for my daily skin routine.

That was when I came across CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, a product that is designed specifically for those with dry and sensitive skin.

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Breaking It Down!

Like all of CeraVe’s products, their hydrating cleanser is dermatologically tested and proven to work well for those with dry, sensitive skin.

They’ve also patented their own form of delivery method which they call their Multivesicular Emulsion technology or MVE, which in laymen terms is a way of slowly releasing the nutrients found in the cleanser over the course of the day as opposed to all at once.

This is the major benefit to using a product like this as irritation can arise as a result of too much too fast. Remember there’s only so much your skin can take all at once.

By using CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, what you’re doing is giving your skin a chance to absorb the nutrients you’re offering it gradually and this will prevent any kind of rejection whatsoever.

In my case, my skin can become red and itchy after attempting to apply too much all at once. For some people, blockages can occur as a result of sebum (oil) overproduction, which can lead to acne breakouts.

Why It’s HOT!

There’s a couple of reasons why if you don’t react well with regular cleanses that this product will suit you:

  1. The ingredients are fairly mild in nature.
  2. It’s purpose is to rebuild and protect the outer layer of skin, unlike most cleansers which do not.
  3. It uses a really amazing formula.

As I mentioned earlier, CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser was designed by dermatologists, with it’s main goal being to help those with more sensitive skin then normal. Therefore the ingredients that it is comprised of, definitely will not cause any irritation whatsoever.

Secondly, unlike any other cleanser I know of, this one has the ability to regenerate and replenish skin cells, helping to build a stronger outer layer known as the stratum corneum. 

This outer layer is made up of these things called corneocytes, which are basically just dead skin cells, mixed with multiple layers of fatty tissues called ceramides, that help to hold them together.

Whenever you wash your skin, you remove a certain amount of both of these and unless you replenish them with more, the protective outer layer of your skin will become thinner and more susceptible to infection.

This product is one of the only I know that has the ability to help replenish the lost ingredients that make up the outer layer of skin.

stratum corneum

Finally it does this by using 2 ingredients:

1. Niacinamide

This is basically just vitamin B3, a proven tool to help boost the production of ceramides, the things I mentioned before that help hold together the skin cells in the outer layer.

2. Hyaluronic Acid(HA)

Once of the best ways of helping your skin to hold onto water. Each cell for it to be considered “healthy”, needs to contain at least 30% water and that’s exactly what HA is used for, to help lock in moisture.

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Why It’s NOT!

Although you may think this is a natural alternative to the common cleanser, it certainly is not. However mild the ingredients are, they are still synthetic in nature, therefore if you would prefer a completely natural alternative, this product may not be what you’re after.

Apart from that, if you do have fairly sensitive skin, trust me you’re gonna like what CeraVe hydrating cleanser has to offer.

Skin Score!

For all those out there with sensitive skin, we may in fact have a winner for you with this hydrating cleanser. Taking a quick look around the reviews are completely off the chart, with an overwhelming amount of people rating it at 4.5 stars over at Amazon.

It’s also the top cleanser at the biggest skin forum Skin Care Talk and literally everyone I’ve asked so far has liked the way it works with their skin.

Even the ones who don’t have sensitive skin!

I’m yet to try out any of their other products, but after my experience using their cleanser, I might just have to give them all a try.

The best price I’ve been able to find so far is on Amazon for just a little more than $10.

Overall Score: 98%

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