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Elite Serum Review: What’s So Elite About It Anyways?

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Our Elite Serum ReviewDark under eye circles are a pain in the…well…face. Some people have them as a result of high sodium diets, too many late nights, allergies or even good ol’ genetics.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of putting cucumber slices over your puffy eyes or even cold metal spoons, but who has time to do that every morning?

Perhaps it’s time to invest in a solid product. One of our favourites is Elite Serum.

What’s So Elite about Elite Serum?

Elite eye serum is a revolutionary product that was scientifically designed with a whole host of potent peptides.

These unique peptides do more than ditch dark circles. They reduce the look of fine lines and crow’s feet and de-puff swollen eyes. Regular use also helps tone and lift your skin for beautifully youthful peepers.

Let’s talk peptides, shall we? [Keep Reading]

Obagi ELASTIderm: Possible Issues For Those With Sensitive Skin

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Obagi ELASTdermWe recently had someone write in asking for advice on how to resolve some of the problems related to the fragile skin around her eyes, plus she said she has fairly sensitive skin.

She also mentioned one specific product she tried out in the past after being recommended to do so by a close friend and after several applications, seemed to cause further irritation.

What was the product she mentioned?

Obagi ELASTIderm

Today we thought we’d publish an official review and give our opinion as to why a product like this might not be good for those girls with sensitive skin.

Time now to kick off this, our official Obagi ELASTIderm review.

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Elite Serum Review: Why Its Our Number One Eye Cream

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my before and after shot using Elite Serum

Confession: I have horrible dark circles below my eyes. That’s why I’m a sucker when it comes to trying out new products that claim to solve this and other issues around the eyes.

So much so that I have probably tried every…single…product on the market and yet Elite Serum is the only one I would ever recommend to people with the same problems as me.

Here’s my official Elite Serum review.

Read the rest of the review…

Revitol Eye Cream: All Natural Ingredients, But Is This Eye Cream Effective?

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Overview | Ingredients | Advantages | Disadvantages | Buy Revitol Eye Cream

Okay gals, let’s just say a good eye cream can be a b**** to find. Am I right?

Unfortunately we have to start this article off by saying Revitol Eye Cream isn’t what you’re looking for in terms of treating eye problems like: dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and puffy eyes.

Let’s talk about why this is one of the worst eye creams available on the market.

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Our Hydrolyze Review: What Is All The Fuss About?

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HydrolyzeThis week, we’re going to focus on all things under the eye including issues related to; dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and of course those horrible puffy eyes.

We’re also going to focus on one specific product that’s turning heads in the eye cream market – Hydrolyze – and see if we can break down exactly how effective this particular product really is in comparison to others like Elite Serum and Vivexin.

In this Hydrolyze review, we’re going talk about the following elements:

  1. The quality and purpose of each ingredient.
  2. It’s level of effectiveness.
  3. What other girls are saying about it.
  4. Price comparisons with other under eye treatments. [Keep Reading]

Sweet Relief! How You Can Banish Your Under Eye Circles With Vivexin

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Vivexin Under Eye Treatment

Are you one of the many women who are tired of looking tired? Under eye bags and dark circles can be unsightly and, quite frankly, embarrassing.

We speak from experience as many of us here at BES suffer from dark under eye circles. It seems no matter what we do, they are always there.

You can sleep more, try to better hydrate your eyes, even give natural under eye remedies a shot, but in the end nothing works better then the daily application of an under eye cream.

That’s why when someone mentioned a new product called Vivexin specifically made for under eye circles, our ears perked up.

We also decided to add it to our comparison list of the top eye creams and currently it sits at #3.

If there is a solution to dark under eye circles, we want it. So we combed the web for information, learning as much as we could.

What we found was interesting. So let’s get into it…

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