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5 Ways to Remove Scars

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Raise your hand if you have a scar on your body.

Could be it’s from childhood chicken pox, an unfortunate phase of cystic acne during puberty or simply walking into a tree….yes, this has happened to me before!

Whatever the reason behind your scar, the desire to get rid of it is there. After all, scars are only sexy in theory.

There is a big misconception that you can’t actually get rid of scars. To be clear, this isn’t necessarily true. Scars form when the deep, thick layer of skin (known as the dermis) is damaged. Your body will naturally begin to create more collagen fibers to help repair the damage and the resulting skin patch is your scar. The different texture and colour of your scar is what makes it more prominent.

There are so many ways you can help your skin repair scar damage and get back to its gloriously gorgeous original state, which is where today’s infographic comes in! [Keep Reading]

ScarFade: Will This Serum Make Your Scars Vanish?

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My ScarFade review

Scars are strange things. They can make you appear sexy and mysterious or battered and abused. They can build or break confidence depending on the location, size and coloring.

They are a physical manifestation of your life’s story. Some stories are better kept to ourselves though.

Dark scars can have people asking you questions that you may not be ready to answer. Best way to prevent that is to remove the evidence. [Keep Reading]

Revitol Scar Cream Review: So Far The Feedback Is HORRIBLE!

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Revitol scar cream isn't what it seemsIn case you didn’t already know, there are A LOT of skin care products that do absolutely NOTHING!

Today we’re going to be discussing what I believe to be one of these products that has clearly let a lot of people down – specifically Revitol scar cream.

The amazing thing about Revitol’s line of products is that they have so much exposure and popularity, mainly due to the marketing that surrounds their brand.

And it’s not just the brand themselves spewing out all this jargon, other online merchants and bloggers have jumped on the bandwagon, making money selling and promoting what is clearly an inferior product.

It’s our goal to spill the beans on products like Revitol scar cream so as to put them in their place and more importantly prevent you guys from wasting your money!

[Keep Reading]

Kelo-Cote Gel: Let’s See Just How ADVANCED Their Formula Really Is!

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Can Kelo-cote gel offer you some relief?I’m going to start off by saying something that most people won’t tell you…

“Treating scars is HARD!”

Therefore if you’re under the impression that there is some kind of magical or futuristic product that can clear up your scars instantly, you need to put that out of your mind right now!

I love you guys, but I have to be brutally honest as well.

With that said, it’s our job here to show you guys the products that can help either speed up the recovery process, or help reduce the appearance of your scars over a given amount of time.

Kelo-Cote gel is a product that makes claim to the fact that it can help to improve the appearance of your ailment and it’s under the scope today here at BESSkincare.com.

We’re going to discuss what’s involved in their formula and how it may be able to offer some relief, plus we’ll discuss some of the pro’s and con’s so that you can make a decision as to whether it might be the best option for you.

[Keep Reading]

Say Hello To Our Little Friend, Dermefface FX7: The Scarface Of Skincare

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Dermefface FX7 Results

*Typical results after 3 months worth of treatment.*

Ok that title is a little over-the-top we know. What we really meant to say was “Scar-fade” because that’s essentially the overall purpose of Dermefface FX7.

In this review we’re going to do our best to explain exactly how this product works, what it should and should not be used for and finally how successful it is at removing unwanted scars or at least the remnants of. [Keep Reading]

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