Procellix Reviews: Could This Cream be the Answer to Your Anti-Cellulite Prayers?

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Procellix reviews from actual customersRaise your hands if you like a tight tushy.

*hand up*

Second hand up if you prefer it without the disgusting dimpling and cottage cheese effect of cellulite.

*throws second hand up with serious enthusiasm*….Obvs!

I’ve always found it shocking how many slim women have cellulite. One would just assume that because they’re tiny they won’t have any, alas, that is not the case.

Cellulite forms from lack of exercise, mowing down on trans-fatty foods that create deposits in your skin and a few other poor lifestyle choices. [Keep Reading]

Finulite: Is it the Solution to That Unsightly Cellulite?

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My Finulite ReviewMama lovesssss her hiney. Oh yes she does!

I work out. I drop squats and back leg thrusts like they’re going out of style. Wanna know why? Because I wear thong bikini bottoms when the mood strikes and you best believe, I love shaking my sh*t when a good lady jam comes on the radio!

It was during one of these nearly nude booty dancing fiestas that I noticed something I’d never seen before. There was the faintest of signs, but heaven help me if it wasn’t the telltale dimpling on my derriere that could only be one thing; the beginning of cellulite. Ahhhh! [Keep Reading]

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