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Acne unfortunately, isn’t a condition we see only in teens, but instead effects nearly 50 million American’s from all age groups. In fact 95% of people will at some stage in their lives be affected by acne in some way shape or form.

If you’re apart of this group (and most likely you are), then there are ways of controlling both frequency and intensity of breakouts. Our mission is to review as many of the products out there FIRST HAND so that we can show you which ones work and which ones don’t.

All of our acne treatment reviews are 100% unique, informative and we do NOT tell you to buy every product we review. As is always the case, some products are better than others and we feel you deserve to know the truth no matter what.

If at any stage you would like us to review a product you are thinking about trying, send us a message via our contact form and we’ll do our best to get our hands on some before you spend your hard-earned money. After all that’s what we’re here for!

Take a browse through our list of acne treatment we’ve reviewed so far, plus if you get a chance head on over and check out our top 3 rated acne products as of this year.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Exposed Acne Treatment

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Exposed Acne Treatment

Sick of zits? Us too!

And apparently so is the rest of the world because the industry continues to come out with even more products.

Now, let me preface this all by saying that we’ve reviewed Exposed Acne Treatment before (check it here!) and thought it was a pretty bomb product.

But we wanted to dive a little deeper and give you even more insight into what this product has to offer. Because let’s be real for a second — ain’t nobody got time for zits. [Keep Reading]

The Best DIY Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser

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The Best DIY Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser

As many of our long term followers know, I am IN LOVE with witch hazel and tea tree oil. I find any and every excuse to use it because it leaves my skin feeling clean, clear and gorgeous…not to mention blemish and bump free.

I use it in my facial spray, face masks, to reduce razor burn and so many other skincare related things. I truly did not think the combination could get better until I discovered active charcoal. [Keep Reading]

Clearpores Acne Treatment Systems Review; Does it Really Work?

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Clearpores Acne Treatment Systems Review; Does it Really Work

Are you ready to say goodbye to embarrassing acne once and for all?

Of course you are!

Acne is incredibly frustrating. It makes us self conscious and hide our face when we should be going out boldly and confidently, without a care in the world.

What’s most annoying is that common store bought or over the counter pimple products only dry our skin out, make it flaky, red and inflamed. Let’s be real for a minute – many of them simply make the problem worse. Now that is NOT what we’re looking for in an acne treatment.

So let me introduce you to a product that heals from the inside out. Targets your problem at the root and transforms your skin into the luscious, dewy, clear skin you always wanted…

ClearPores. [Keep Reading]

BlueMD Review: My Results After Using it for 4 Weeks!

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My BlueMD Review After 4 Weeks*This post is written by Natasha, our winner of the BlueMD giveaway*

Ohhh excitement! My Trophy Skin BlueMD finally arrived in the mail. I won my unit in BES’s online giveaway and have no obligation or incentive to write a review or say anything about it, but I wanted to give you the 411 and share my BlueMD review!

So allow me to indulge, won’t you?

The Challenge

I have normal skin with oiliness on my nose (oilier in summer), medium pore size larger on my nose and cheeks, a few blackheads and pale olive skin.

My skin is very acne prone – lots of little hard bumps that run really deep, never come to a head, and don’t go away for months and months. Once in a while I get a big ugly mountain bump which is an ouch.

Chronic acne… the fun goes on for years! [Keep Reading]

Exposed Skin Care Body Acne Kit: Back-ne Be Gone!

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Exposed skin care body acne kitYou know what I like most about summer? Wearing next to no clothes. I’m a bit of a nudist, one might say.

You know what kills a nudey sesh though? Back-ne. Or Chest-ne. Well, body acne in general.

Fighting acne on your face can be a rough go, but having to deal with it all over your body is downright aggravating.

Most people expect a little acne on their face, so it’s much more embarrassing to have it on your body. People with body acne tend to be a bit more self conscious, so activities like beach days aren’t as enticing to them as they should be.

So, why do we get body acne and what do we do about it? I’m about to tell you! [Keep Reading]

Skinetica: The Bee’s Knees in Blemish Treatment?

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My Skinetica review

One of the things I love the most about this beauty blogging business is networking with skin care lines and getting sent free samples.

With the growth of the website – thanks to you lovely and loyal readers! – it seems that more and more companies are reaching out and asking us to sample their product. Obviously the “free” part is great, but what I really enjoy is hearing about and trying these new products.

[Keep Reading]

My ZenMed Review: A Sublime Treatment for Your Acne

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My Zenmed review

Not too long ago I hit up my sister and had her try the Exposed Acne skin care line. She was dealing with some stress breakouts and wanted quick results.

She wasn’t exactly a fan of Exposed, so when Zenmed Acne line sent me some samples of their line she was hesitant. After a little convincing she decided to give it a try and give us her ZenMed review. After all, who doesn’t love free samples!

Zenmed offers several product lines and acne is just one of them. [Keep Reading]

My Exposed Acne Treatment Review After 4 Weeks

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My full Exposed acne review

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now but I figured, hey, there is no better time to write my Exposed acne treatment review than today while it’s snowing and miserable outside and I just want to hibernate.

So let’s get into it…

Exposed Skin Care has been around since 2002 and strives to produce the best acne treatment products. They have a total of 9 products available but for the purpose of my Exposed acne review, I’m only going to talk about the 4 products we tested. Who is ‘we’? You’ll find out in a minute… [Keep Reading]

Murad Acne Complex Review: How Does Dr. Howard ‘Do’ Acne?

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Murad Acne ComplexBy “Howard”, I’m of course referring to Dr. Howard Murad, the dermatologist who started his own line of skin care.

A lot of people don’t know this, but Murad was the first line of skin care to have been started by an M.D. This guy pretty much set the trend for what was to follow with a whole host of dermatologists stepping into the retail industry like Dr. Brandt and DDF Skincare.

If you ask me, I wouldn’t believe them just because they’re doctors.

Moving on.

The reason why I’ve gotcha here is to go over Howard’s line of acne treatment and more specifically the Murad Acne Complex Introductory Kit. [Keep Reading]

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