Best Stretch Mark Prevention PLUS A Sexy Little Coupon Code

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Stretch marks SUCK. Yeah I said it! And it’s not just me who feels this way. Leslie, our Aussie sistah, also agrees with us.

In fact, she wants to avoid stretch marks so badly that she wrote into us with a Q about the best stretch mark prevention tips, so she could stop ’em before she got ’em.

And we don’t blame her! I mean, not only are they unsightly, but they can also be downright difficult to get rid of them once you have them. Which is why it is usually best to try and prevent them before they pop up.

So how does one avoid these annoying, discoloured lines from showing up on your skin? Simple. You click play on my mug and learn some of the most simple, effective, and best stretch mark prevention techniques, so you never have to deal with them again.

If, however, you’re not really the video watching type or just don’t want to listen to me ramble for 3.5 minutes *tear* then you can hop on over to my post on how to prevent stretch marks  OR if you already have those nasty little marks on your skin and want them gone asap, then check out our post on the best stretch mark creams of 2012.

And because we love our fellow BES’ers soooooo much we are even gifting you guys with a wicked coupon code for Trilastin, one of the best stretch mark creams on the market, that will help you to save 20% off your next order!

I tell ya, if I didn’t already own Trilastin I would be using that coupon code right freakin’ now to stock up on the cream!

So go ahead, use the coupon code to stock up on Trilastin. Go on. Go onnnnn. Go. Now.

Wait! Before you actually go we want to hear from you! Do you know of any stretch mark prevention techniques that I haven’t mentioned OR are you one of the thousands of women who suffer with stretch marks and are looking for a solution? Share your thoughts, experiences, or even questions in the comment section below.

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