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The Best Stretch Mark Creams In 2013

We have scoured the world for the best stretch mark creams to save you time, energy and money. These are our Top 3. 

Stretch marks. Those unavoidable and tell-tale signs of the ups and downs that come with weight gain, pregnancy, body building, puberty and good ol’ fashioned hormonal changes. Damn you hormones!

Regardless of what is causing them, one thing holds true for each mark that spans your skin and that is, you want them gone. Fast!

Now if you have been around these parts for any length of time, I’m sure you can tell I’m pretty pro-choice when it comes to how you choose to deal with your skin issues.

And while I’m a big fan of DIY solutions, sometimes they just don’t pack a potent enough punch to rectify and treat your specific dilemma.

Now, I’m going to be honest, I suffered with stretch marks for more than a decade and finally hit my breaking point a few months ago. I had a destination wedding coming up and wanted to look (and feel) my absolute prettiest for that week.

Naturally, since I wanted to most noticeable results, I decided to forgo the DIY and head straight to the good sh*t.

Well, that decision made all the difference and I can happily say that I have been stretch mark free for months, and I want the same for you.

It is with that in mind that we here in BES land decided to break down the top 3 most popular choices for stretch mark creams and list them out so you can make the right choice for your specific marks.

So let’s take a closer look shall we…

Why Do I Need a Stretch Mark Cream?

You don’t…assuming you want to live with those horrendous marks on your skin for the rest of your life.

But if you’re like me, you don’t want to settle for a second-rate you.

Simply put, if you want to get rid of these unsightly skin scars for good, you are going to have to treat it at the root of the problem and that is something that most homemade remedies simply cannot do…unfortunately.

Since the root cause of stretch marks is dermal tearing, you need to choose a stretch mark cream that will penetrate deep into your dermis layer, increase skin elasticity, repair these tears and ultimately help to prevent future stretch marks.

The bad news is however, once you have stretch marks they can be quite difficult to get rid of. Not impossible, but difficult.

That’s why being proactive and working to prevent stretch marks, as well as choosing an effective stretch mark cream to get rid of the marks you already have, is your best bet for keeping your skin unmarred.

The 4 Factors You Should Be Looking For in a Stretch Mark Cream

A Decrease in Discolouration

We all know stretch marks can come in various sizes and shapes but did you know they also vary in colour?

Ranging from white to red to brown, correcting this discolouration should be one of the main functions of any stretch mark cream worth its weight.

A Decrease in Depth

One of the main pain points of stretch marks is they can become deep divots in your skin, giving your skin an uneven texture and overall appearance.

When choosing the right cream, you are going to want to choose one that fills in these lines and helps to even out your skin to become a smooth surface again.


It goes without saying that if you are investing money in a stretch mark cream, you are going to want to see the best results possible.

Your stretch marks won’t disappear overnight so it is important to manage your expectations. Therefore, if you can find a cream that gives you noticeable results within 4-6 weeks then you have found yourself a solid solution.


Why pay more when you could pay less? I mean, don’t we all want to save a little bit of money here and there?

While I’m all for saving money, I prefer to choose a product that will provide me with results versus a cheap alternative.

That means if I have to invest a little bit more money in order to see the results I so desperately crave then I’m going to spend that money.

After all, why pay $50 for a cream that doesn’t work when I could pay $100 for a cream that works a treat?

To me, that just makes sense but as always, the choice is yours.

So without further adieu, I present to you the top 3 most popular stretch mark creams of 2013.

#1: Trilastin SR

trilastin sr
Discolouration: 5 stars
Depth: 5 stars
Results: 5 stars
Price: $79.95
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Hailed as one of the best stretch mark creams on the market, featured on the Tyra Banks Show and a product that promises to give you noticeable results in as little as three weeks – a claim which I’ve seen for myself to be true – this cream is no joke.

But how does it match up to our 4 factor test?


If you have taken a spin through my stretch mark categories on this site, it’s no secret that I heart Trilastin SR.

While my stretch marks were more flesh coloured, I found that during summer time they became incredibly noticeable as my skin got a little tan.

As I previously mentioned, since I was getting married in a tropical location I was very aware of the fact that I would be in a bikini, my skin would probably darken and my stretch marks would become more noticeable.

Luckily, I started using Trilastin a few months before leaving for our wedding in the hopes of solving the problem before it was too late.

Not only did I notice the discolouration fading but my skin tone evened out and blended together, reducing the visible appearance of my marks.

It took a good 6 weeks until the colour of my stretch marks had virtually faded but it was 6 weeks I was more than happy to invest as I now have one even tone on my lower back (the location of my stretch marks).


I think the divots in your skin that form once your stretch marks worsen have to be one of the most insecurity-inducing side effects of stretch marks.

Before I tested out Trilastin SR I could literally run my fingers across my back and feel each and every stretch mark, that’s how deep they were.

And while I began to feel a difference as early as 3 weeks into using the product, it wasn’t until I hit the 6 week mark that my stretch marks felt completely flush with my skin.

That means the divots had disappeared and I didn’t cringe every time someone touched my back.

Now I know, from chatting and listening to so many of our readers, that this aspect of stretch marks can be one of the biggest pain points regarding stretch marks.

The fact that your skin dimples and indents is simply not something any of us ladies should have to put up with. Fortunately, with Trilastin, you don’t have to anymore.


Well, in case it’s not crystal clear I’ll reiterate my thoughts on Trilastin…

Not only did it work a treat for my skin but it did it quickly and efficiently, irregardless of the fact that my marks were over a decade old.

I also started using Trilastin’s Hydro-Thermal Accelerator to really amp up my results.

Because this cream works to warm up your skin, it helps to open your pores so your skin can absorb the cream more efficiently and therefore accelerate your end results.

It’s now been months since I used Trilastin SR and my stretch marks haven’t returned.

However, I should mention that while I experienced great results using this product I cannot guarantee that each and every people who uses Trilastin will see the same results, but it is highly possible.


As I stated above, the price point of a particular product can be a real determining factor for many people.

When it comes to Trilastin, it’s an investment. At $79.95 for a tube , it is a purchase you should consider before outright buying it.

However, that one tube lasted me the entire 6 weeks I was using it and I still have some left over which I shared with my sister.

Though the price tag may seem a little steep, Trilastin works on a sliding scale meaning the more of it you buy, the more you save.

For example, if you buy one tube you will pay $79.95 but if you buy 2 tubes you pay $149.95. Similarly, if you order 3 tubes you pay only $219.95. That is a savings of $41.05 and you will have enough to last you a year, depending on how much you use of it and how often.

Trust me, I understand the hesitation to spend that kind of money on a cream but when you have tried just about every product out there only to see no results, you want a product that works. Trilastin works.

It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the product. While I never took them up on that offer, I felt as though it lent some reassurance that I wasn’t making a bad purchasing decision.

Just be sure you return it before the 60 days are up so you don’t get stuck paying for a product you don’t like.

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#2: Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy

mederma stretch mark cream
Discolouration: 5 stars
Depth: 5 stars
Results: 5 stars
Price: $29.95
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The paraben-free cream that doesn’t discriminate – whether your stretch marks are old or newly formed, this brand promises to help rid your skin of these unsightly marks.

But does it live up to our 4 factors?


Thanks to it’s unique ingredient, Cepalin (an ingredient extracted from onions), this cream works to even out the skin tone and specifically lighten each stretch mark.

Another thing that is special about Mederma and it’s Cepalin content is that this active ingredient helps to break down scar tissue, causing the appearance of your marks to fade.

However, I should mention that if you are allergic to onions then you need to stay far away from this product as it could cause an adverse reaction.


Again, thanks to the Cepalin content and its ability to breakdown scar tissue, it also helps to encourage new cell production.

Because of the cream’s ability to encourage new cell growth it can fill in your stretch marks but where this cream falls short is in its potency.

Yes, it can help fade the colour of your stretch marks but it doesn’t do much for the depth of these marks.

I guess even onion extracts have their limitations.


As I just said, this cream is useful if you just want to lighten your stretch marks but for anyone who has marks for any amount of time, you know that usually they create divots in your skin that you want gone.

Unfortunately, this is where Mederma falls flat.

Additionally, while Mederma claims to work on both old and new stretch marks, it doesn’t really live up to its claims and hasn’t been proven to work that well on older, defined stretch marks.

Though if you just want to treat any new stretch marks, prevent new ones from forming, lighten existing marks and not have them properly filled in then this product could be a good choice for you.

It simply depends on what you’re looking for.


While Trilastin is an investment, Mederma is not. At only $27.62 on Amazon, this cream is a decent choice for those on a budget who simply cannot afford to invest in solid results.

Another upside to Mederma is when you order from their main site you get their money back guarantee. Meaning if you have used Mederma for nearly 12 weeks without any results, you can send the cream back and get your money refunded.

The only thing about this refund policy is they aren’t incredibly clear on how long you have to return it, stating if you aren’t happy within “at least 12 weeks” then you can return it.

While that may sound straightforward, I am wondering if you would have to have returned the cream within the 12 weeks or be able to use it for 12 weeks before returning it.

They don’t clarify that and it makes me a bit hesitant that if you were to buy the cream and want to return it, you would get saddled with the full cost.

Other than that, it is a cheaper cream but as I mentioned at the beginning of this page…you usually get what you pay for.

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#3: Mustela Stretch Mark Cream

mustela stretch mark cream
Discolouration: 5 stars
Depth: 5 stars
Results: 2 half stars
Price: $42.99
 want a closer look


The ‘revolutionary product’ said to help erase stretch marks clean off your body…yet there is absolutely zero proof of this.

In fact, many customers have reported that while it may help to prevent new stretch marks from forming, it completely failed in filling in and fading existing marks.

So with that being said, let’s see if it measures up to our 4 factors.


Well, I hate to say it but there isn’t much to say here.

Since Mustela only works to prevent stretch mark creams or fade newly formed marks, you won’t see much of an improvement if one at all when you use this product on existing and old marks.

However, the one bonus is if you are looking for a preventative measure this could be a solid solution for you…assuming you are using it to prevent future marks and not trying to erase existing one as the cream simply won’t work.


Again, I don’t have much to say here.

Mustela will not help to fill in any divots in your skin caused by stretch marks as it should only be used as a preventative measure.

If you are looking for a solid solution to fill in your stretch marks, consider TriLASTIN.


If you are simply wanting to take action and eliminate any chances of ever getting stretch marks then Mustela could be a good choice.

However, just about any stretch mark cream that is worth it’s weight will be able to help you prevent stretch marks.

And in addition to that, how the hell can we possibly say it helps to prevent stretch marks if you are using it before you ever get any?

Maybe your skin has amazing elasticity to it and your body adapts well to any changes.

Regardless, I would opt for another product over choosing Mustela.


For a cream that doesn’t even act as a remedy for the marks you already have, why in the hell is it $41 (if you order it through their site, $28 on Amazon)?

I mean, if you really just want to prevent stretch marks and that’s it, use vitamin E oil. It can work wonders on helping you avoid any future skin issues and it costs much, much less.

Finally, I didn’t find any refund policy on the Mustela website so if you do choose this cream be sure it’s the right cream for you so you don’t get burdened with a cream that isn’t the right fit for you.

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One Final Note

Regardless of which cream you decide to use, it is important that you stay as consistent as possible in your application if you want to see the best results.

After all, why make the investment in a cream to alter the look of your stretch marks if you do not plan on keeping up a regular regimen with the product. Remember the true benefits of each cream will show themselves as long as you stay diligent.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that no longer do you have to feel insecure or ashamed of the marks that may mar your body. You have choices and resources available that can help you look as beautiful as you feel.

You just have to make the decision.

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Discolouration: 5 stars
Depth: 5 stars
Results: 5 stars
Price: $156
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