Best Organic Skin Care For 2012

Organic Skincare BrandsWell ladies, if it’s organic you’re after, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’re huge advocates of products that go the all natural way, BUT only if they work! Hopefully this page and this list will help you steer clear of finding out the hard way by trying out a number of brands and allow you to make the right decision from the very get-go.

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  1. Why Choose Organic?
  2. What You Can Expect After Application
  3. What You Should Look For in a GREAT Organic Skin Care Line
  4. Comparison Table of all the Best Organic Skin Care Brands
  5. Final Note PLUS Our Thoughts on the Biggest, Baddest Product on the Market.

Why Choose Organic Skin Care Over Cosmetics?

Most of us know that a lot of chemicals used in traditional skin care could in fact lead to potentially harmful consequences in the future. Chemicals such as Diethanolamine(DEA) or Bronopol have in recent years been discovered as potential cancer risks.

Although the FDA does its best to regulate potential harmful chemicals, it’s estimated that less then 5% of cosmetic companies submit reviews of ingredients they’re looking to include in the product before release.

Why Organic Skincare?Organics offer a different approach and that is to use complete 100% natural ingredients only, with no harmful chemicals. There are a few benefits worth mentioning with this style of skin treatment and they are:

  1. No harsh side effects.
  2. No long term problems.
  3. Better for those with sensitive skin.

Firstly in regards to side effects, it’s no surprise that many cosmetics can cause side effects like; rosacea, dry skin, acne and many others. Organics on the other hand are far less likely to cause minor side effects and it’s almost impossible for major problems to result after treatment.

Secondly long term issues can results from the daily application of certain chemicals like those mentioned above which can lead to cancer later in life. As of now, there is no link from organic skin care to cancer and it’s unlikely there ever will be.

Finally those with sensitive skin should find the majority of organic treatments to be fairly light on their skin. Red skin or dryness is rarely of concern when applying natural ingredients.

Although the idea of organic treatment is supposed to be the same as cosmetics, there are a few key differences in what you can expect after application.

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What You Can Expect After Application

When a lot of people make the switch over to organics, they tend to notice a couple of major differences in how their skin reacts. This is usually due to the fact that previously their skin became reliant on the ingredients used in the cosmetics it was used to receiving prior to the change.

Two things most girls notice after moving over to organic skin care include:

  1. Their skin may become more oily at first.
  2. Results may take up to 3 times as long to appear.

What You Can ExpectThe main reason why skin may become oily at first is usually due to an initial decrease in thickness of the epidermis(top layer of skin). The result of this usually comes in the form of blockages, causing an increase in oil production from the sebaceous glands found in the dermis(deep layer of skin).

Over time, this should subside as your skin starts to become used to the change and the epidermis starts to regain its previous level of thickness.

This leads into the second thing most girls notice after making the switch and that is results may take up to 3 times longer to appear then with cosmetics. The idea of organic treatment is to be light on your skin and not to cause any major long term or short term problems.

In order to achieve this, the ingredients used are nowhere near as powerful as those found in the unnatural realm. Instead the benefits of daily application of natural ingredients into your skin, will only occur several days after treatment.

In saying that however, there are some lines of organics that do offer better results than others.

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What Everyone Should Look For In A Great Organic Skin Care Line

Benefits Of Organic Skin CareWe’re just going to give it to you straight and tell you exactly what you should be looking for an in organic line of skin care.

What a great skin care line should offer:

  • The exact same benefits as non organic competitors.
  • To be light on your skin.
  • To show benefits within a week of application.

What an organic skin care line should not do:

  • Cause oily skin for an extended amount of time(more then 2 weeks is bad)
  • Offer little to no improvements in the health of your skin.
  • Cost too much!

Using the above as our guidelines, we were able to come up with a ranking system to determine a list of the most popular organic skin care lines in their proper order of preference.

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The Best Organic Skin Care Brands Compared Side-By-Side

Firstly here’s how we scored them.

Level Of Effectiveness: How well the machine worked on removing the top layer of skin.
Speed Of Effectiveness: How much of the new layer did the device remove.
Price Factor: Are their products worth the price?

Rank Image Brand Level Of Effectiveness Speed Of Effectiveness Price Factor Overall Score Learn More
1 Pai Skincare
2 Organic Surge
3 Juice Beauty
4 Alteya Organics
5 Dr. Mercola
6 Miessence

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Our Final Note

Pai SkincareWe’re not going to say that organic products are as effective as cosmetics because they’re not, but what we will say is they’re a heck of a lot safer.

Over the long term a lot of girls, especially those with sensitive skin will see larger benefits then cosmetics to the most point. Pai Skincare is in our opinion one of the more powerful natural alternatives to taking care of your skin and certainly a good choice if you want to go down that road.

Of course as always, we leave the final decision up to you.

If you would like to ask us any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll be glad to help you out :-)

Also if you have an experience with one of the above organic skin care brands or any that aren’t on our list, we’d love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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