The Skincare Benefits Of Salt Water

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The 411 on the benefits of salt water

Is there anything worse then getting back from vacation only to step off the plane and be hit with a wall of cold, bleak, misery? Simple answer: no.

While I brace myself and get ready to battle yet another winter, I can’t seem to stop reminiscing of our sun-drenched week in paradise.

Even though I don’t have an umbrella drink in my hands at all hours of the day back home, it’s the frolicking on the beach and swimming in salt water I really miss!

I mean, what is it about salt water that is just so damn good for your skin? Well, I wondered the same thing, so naturally I hit up my homeboy Google.

Curious to know why salt water is so freakin’ awesome for your skin? Good. Keep on reading then!

The 411 On Salt

We all know too much salt is never a good thing. However, salt in moderation has been used for hundreds of years to help cure certain ailments such as a blocked up digestive tract, disinfecting cuts, aiding your body in healing itself, helping to improve our peace of mind, improving energy levels, as well as helping our hormonal balances.

Even though it can be vilified, our bodies need a certain amount of salt to help our organs function at their optimal level. And what’s our biggest organ? Our skin.

The Skincare Benefits of Salt Water

If you have ever swam in salt water you typically notice your skin feeling smoother, appearing clearer, and much softer. This is due to the fact that salt helps to open your pores, helping to purify them.

But it doesn’t just purify them, it actually helps to cleanse away dirt, sweat, and any toxins your body secretes, leaving your skin feeling crazy soft and looking fresh.

And it doesn’t stop there, salt water can also help alleviate certain skin irritations, rashes, skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis, soothe dry skin, battle acne, as well as softening any calluses you may find on your body and naturally hydrating your skin.

No wonder so many of us look and feel so much better after a week away in the sun and surf!

How To Harness These Benefits of Salt Water at Home

Of course, for those of you who may not live close to an ocean, can’t seem to get away this winter, or aren’t big on battling the waves just to get the benefits of salt water, you can create your own salt water soak in the comforts of your own home.

And you know what that means, don’t you? You can have a big ol’ glass of wine while doing so! Bonus!

The process is simple, in a hot bath mix:

  • 1/2 cup of epsom salts
  • 1/2 cup either regular sea salt, or Himalaya pink sea salt – you can find it here
  • a few drops of your favourite essential oil, I like vanilla or lavender in baths
  • give your salt water a good stir with your hand to insure it’s properly dissolved

Then just hop in, or gently step in so you don’t slip, sit down, lay back, close your eyes, sip your wine, and relax.

A simple salt water bath at home can help to relax your muscles, draw out impurities, hydrates your skin, increases moisture retention, and gives us the sensation of being by the ocean, a feeling that our bodies and subconscious minds seem to love.

It’s a quick and easy way to get all the benefits of salt water without having to spend the money to go away. Or you could spend the money, go away, bask in the glorious sun, swim to your heart’s content, and drink copious cocktails with umbrellas in them.

I prefer the latter. But what about you? Do you find when you swim in salt water your skin looks and feels better? Have you ever made your own salt bath at home? Share your vaycay story or salt water recipe in the comment section below.

Adios amigas!

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  • YES to this! I just returned from a 9 day beach stay and my skin is smooth, tanned, and lovely! I’m a big fan of the sea, so diy recreation of that at home is a must for me. Love salt baths….perhaps I’ll open that bottle of wine in my fridge and get to reminiscing with a bath! ;o)

  • Love wine, love the ocean, love DIY’ing! hahaha 😉

    Happy you dug the post Sarai and glad you had a wicked vaycay!

  • Just moved to sunny southern Florida & I have to say that my skin has never felt more amazing! I’ve sworn by salt lamps, and salt therapy and now it’s in my back yard. Getting a nice golden glow is wonderful too using just simple sea water.


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