Secrets to Getting Beauty Sleep: It’s Just a Few Zzz’s Away!

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Beauty Sleep

*Guest Post by Jenny*

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Is looking your best as simple as a good night’s rest? Well, no, but it turns out beauty sleep isn’t as far-fetched of an idea as you may have thought. In fact, the quality of your sleep goes a long way to keeping skin looking happy and healthy.

During certain phases of sleep, the brain produces a growth hormone which helps to repair and restore your skin. While the brain makes this potent human growth hormone, it also actively suppresses the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol provides an important function, but in excess causes harsh problems to your skin and body, including acne, hair loss, or weight gain.

Sleep is considered one of the three pillars of health and much like the other two – diet and exercise – it can have profound effects on the way you look. If you sleep the recommended 8-hours, your body won’t just feel rested and restored, it will look it too. And the reverse is true as well; if you’re sleep deprived, your skin can appear dryer, and is more prone to break-outs and wrinkles.

And if you are lacking in sleep, you won’t be the only person who knows it. It turns out others can tell the difference between someone who has gotten their 8-hours and someone who tossed and turned all night. In fact, studies show that we perceive sleep deprivation when assessing someone’s attractiveness, finding those who are deprived to be less healthy, less attractive, and more tired.

Though sleep isn’t the answer to every skincare dilemma, it does have a significant effect on the way we look and feel. Check out this graphic from the team at Best Mattress Reviews to see the science behind beauty sleep.

Top-3 Tips for Getting Beauty Sleep for Better Skin

1. Soak Up Vitamin D During the Day

Natural light or bright light helps to keep your circadian rhythms in working order. Getting outside and soaking in some rays makes you energizes you during the day, improves your sleep efficiency by up to 80%, and also increases the amount of sleep you get at night by 2-hours.

2. Create a Sleep Sanctuary

A cozy bedroom doesn’t just sound nice, it has an actual effect on the way you sleep. That means minimizing natural light with thicker curtains or blackout shades, while adding warmer, dim light to a bedside lamp. Splurging on those comfortable pillows or a new mattress. Or even as simple as keeping your bedroom clean and uncluttered.

3. Cut the Blue Light

The light emitted from electronic devices can trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime. While natural light during the day helps you sleep more soundly at night, blue light exposure at night reduces melatonin production, which helps you relax and get into deep sleep.

For even more information, check out this amazing infographic on the science of beauty sleep:

Tips for Getting Beauty Sleep

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