7 Morning Beauty Habits for Ageless Skin

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7 Morning Beauty Habits for Ageless Skin

*Guest Post by Lovella*

Many of us are overwhelmed by countless beauty options we see in our TV ads and shops. It seems that skin care has been getting more complex by the minute.

So let me help you refocus on what’s truly essential – stuff that your skin really needs to stay healthy and vibrant even without makeup.

Remember – how you’re gonna start your day is going to show on your face. So with just a few simple daily habits, you can supercharge your daily skin routine to have noticeably younger and radiant skin for many, many years to come!

7 Morning Beauty Habits for Ageless Skin

Ready to knock off a few years from your face ? Try these 7 habits:

  1. Apply an antioxidant serum on your face

Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E protect our skin from dehydration as well as age-causing free radicals, pollution, ultraviolet rays, and bad dietary practices.

Apply a small amount of serum on your face right after cleansing. After a few minutes, follow it up with a moisturizing cream.

Isn’t it redundant, you might ask?

Well, antioxidant serums actually make your moisturizers twice more effective in hydrating your skin. If this is the case I definitely won’t mind dedicating just another minute for this!

  1. Increase your protein intake

Protein is quite essential to the health of your skin, hair, and nails. Protein-rich foods that you eat are converted to amino acids which our body use to produce collagen and keratin fibers.

These structural proteins are responsible for the beauty and structure of our skin, hair and nails. Without collagen your skin will sag and become wrinkled, and without keratin your hair and nails will grow weak and become prone to breakage.

Lack of keratins can even lead to severe hair loss. Eggs, yogurt, fish, lean red meat, and nuts and legumes are healthy sources of protein.

  1. Don’t forget your SPF- ever

Yes the use of sunblock is a big must. You need to use it every single day even on a cloudy day. And having SPF in your moisturizer or makeup isn’t enough.

You need to apply a separate base or layer beneath your moisturizer to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Make sure to include your neck, eyes, lips, and the back of your hands. And go ahead if you want to use a foundation or cream with SPF for added protection.

  1. Rehydrate from within

Dehydration doesn’t only make you feel sick, it can also make your skin appear dry and lifeless. So make sure to drink fresh water when you wake up.

What I suggest is for you to upgrade your drinking water by adding a squeeze of lemon to a lukewarm glass of water. Not only will your skin gets hydrated from the inside, you’ll also get vitamin C that helps boost collagen production in your skin cells.

  1. Be more active

Starting your day with just a simple exercise, such as stretching, can help improve your circulation. This in turn increases the blood flow that oxygenates and nourishes your cells all over your body – including your skin cells and scalp.

If you want to get that natural pinkish glow on your face everyday, take a morning walk or jog around the park for at least 30 minutes to pump up your adrenalin. Also gives you the energy that you need to make your day more productive!

So from now on try to exercise in the morning.

  1. Face hydrating mist

This is super easy and fast. Just keep a spray can of mineral water in your fridge and spray it all over your face first thing in the morning. After that you’ll see that your skin will look fresh and you too will feel invigorated and much more ready to start your day.

What’s more, the cool water will help reduce puffiness. You can also upgrade your face mist by just adding any organic essential oil of your choice; or you can also add vitamin C or E in your water. The possibilities are endless!

  1. The magic of green tea

Drink green tea.

If you can, skip the cup of coffee and replace it with a cup of skin-friendly green tea instead. But if you can’t sacrifice your morning cuppa joe, replace your second cup of coffee with green tea.

Green tea is loaded with flavanoids or antioxidants that help slow down the aging process. It also helps fight cell damage, which can result in premature skin aging.

There you have it ladies… quick and easy ways to maintain effortless and natural glow without having to use loads of cosmetics on your face.


About the Author: Lovella Sitoy is a customer support specialist for Simply Rapunzel,  a premium brand focused on using safe and natural ingredients to help women get fuller hair, stronger nails, and clearer skin. Stay with her on Pinterest.


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