5 Acne Myths, Busted!

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Popular acne myths, busted

When it comes to acne there are hundreds of lies, fibs, myths, and mistruths. So many in fact that I have decided to take it upon myself to debunk, bust, and blow those silly acne myths outta the water.

Okay, so there’s no water but there are tons of acne myths and I plan on busting 5 of them. Why only 5? Because damn girl, mama has a hot date with her hubby tonight and she has to get ready, that’s why!

So let’s get into it…

Myth #1 – Dirt Causes Acne

Pffft no it doesn’t! Well, it’s not the only factor that causes acne and having dirt on your face will not just miraculously cause pimples to pop up on your face…or neck…or back…or chest.Debunking some acne myths about exfoliation

Acne forms when our pores become clogged. Dirt, oil, and even dead skin cells can clog your pores and once this happens the oil in your skin, or sebum, becomes trapped and bacteria starts to form within the oil leading to inflammation.

A good way to avoid this is to keep your skin clean and make it a regular weekly habit to exfoliate or use a simple at-home microdermabrasion machine.

Not into spending the big bucks? Make your own for pennies per treatment!

If you can keep your skin clean and clear of unwanted pore-clogging dirt, you stand a good chance at staying acne free.

Myth #2 – Washing Your Face More Will Reduce Breakouts

Nope. Not true. But you know what frequent face washing will do? Dry out your skin. And do you know what happens when your skin dries out? It cracks, allowing dirt and oil to clog your pores more easily.

Though washing your face is absolutely necessary, you shouldn’t wash your face more than twice a day – once in the morning and once before you head to bed.Acne myths and why washing your face too much isn't good

You should also be sure to not scrub your skin raw as it may irritate it further. Instead use a mild cleanser and gently massage it into your skin before rinsing off with cool water and patting dry.

Or if you prefer to keep things au naturale, consider harnessing the raw power of Mother Nature herself and make your own homemade acne face wash.

If anything, at least you will know exactly what you are slathering onto your face!

Myth #3 – Tanning Will Zap Your Zits 

What is this, the Jersey Shore? No, tanning will not get rid of your acne but it will damage your skin, age your skin, and potentially cause you a whole slew of other skin problems. With that being said, short bursts of unprotected sun exposure (read: 5 – 10 minutes and no longer) a few times a week can be beneficial to your overall health.

Acne myths on tanning and its affect on acne

However, while a tan may temporarily mask a blemish too much tanning will dry out your skin and as I mentioned above, that just ain’t good for business. So slap on some SPF, or make your own, and enjoy the sunshine.

Myth #4 – Acne is Only For Tweens and Teens

Unfortunately, this is one big ol’ lie…although I kind of wish it were true – sorry kids! Maybe then I wouldn’t be cursed with waking up and discovering 4 freakin’ pimples on my face in one day.

While tweens and teens are prone to acne thanks to their fluctuating hormones, adults can suffer embarrassing breakouts due to oil build-up, stress, poor eating, pregnancy, or even menopause.

Moral of the story – none of us are safe!

Myth #5 – Your Diet Can Affect Your Acne

I’m switching things up with this one because numero 5 is actually NOT a myth! I know, I’m gettin’ crazy over here!

Since our skin is our biggest organ it’s only fitting that what we pack onto our plate will directly affect how our skin looks. Even foods we usually think of as ‘safe’ can be full of sugar – these are called pro-inflammatory foods.

Foods such as bananas, corn, peas, pasta and rice are simple starches that can act the same as sweets, doing more harm than good to your acne.

How diet can affect your acne

Instead, opt for foods such as brazil nuts, almonds, bell peppers, fish, oysters, beans, poultry, lamb, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, mangoes, eggs, leafy greens, avocadoes and squash seeds to get a serious boost of vitamins A, C, and E as well as Omega 3’s, selenium, and beta-carotenes which each work from the inside out to help guard your skin against future breakouts.

If you can commit to incorporating as many of these ingredients as you can into your daily diet, you should start to notice your skin clearing up, your acne fading away, and your skin rocking a seriously radiant glow.

You can achieve that just by eating! I mean, that’s my kinda skincare routine!

Now I’m just scraping the surface here and I know there are many different acne myths out there so if you know of any, share it with the rest of us in the comment section below!

Bonus points for funny or ridiculous acne myths that may give us all a mid-day giggle (psssst! I read one the other day that said sex causes acne – a myth that was created back in the 17th century)!

Annnnnd go!

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