7 Food Habits That Can Harm Your Face

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Food Habits That Harm Skin*Guest Post by Sonam*

In this day and age, everyone is a part of a race to be the best, richest and smartest. The hectic and stressful lifestyle is taking a toll on the health of the people and making them look older than their age. More so, people can’t be bothered to take care of their skin and looks.

The negligence is leading to elevated skin ailments and early signs of aging. The least we can do is keep a tab on our diet to save our face some torture.

Here’s a list of foods that should be consumed in moderate or rather less quantities to protect your face.

Dehydrating Foods

This is the biggest disaster you can do to your skin. Dehydrating foods include caffeine, alcohol, deli diets, high sodium foods and canned foods.

These food products tend to soak up the water in your system and make your cells dry. This in turn causes wrinkles and skin to sag thus making it look old and worn out.

If you can’t reduce your consumption of such harming foods, do yourself a favor and resort to eating a lot of hydrating foods like cucumber, watermelon, lettuce et al.

Carbohydrate Rich Foods

Eating foods rich in carbohydrates causes blood sugar levels to rise. These foods include rice, pasta, white bread, potato chips, candy bars et al.

Also known as glycemic foods, they aggravate acne on the skin and make it oilier. High- sugar foods also intensify fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. They promote premature aging and skin damage.

So if you don’t want to look 33 at the age of 23, then make sure you replace all the high- sugar diet with proteins, vegetables and whole grain that won’t raise the sugar level.

Sodium Rich Diet

If you often like eating salty or sour foods, you are more prone to skin problems and other health issues. Eating high salt food leads to water- retention, which cause dark circles and puffy.

If you wake up with excruciating head ache and swollen feet and hands, you are consuming too much salt, especially at night. It also makes skin dull and leads to stress as it ruins your night sleep. So take the signs and stop consuming too much sodium.

Say No to Alcohol

One of the best way to dehydrate your skin is by drinking alcohol. Anyone who has ever had a hangover will know how much harm alcohol can cause the body, let alone skin.

Dehydration causes dry skin, wrinkles and dullness. Alcohol also sometimes creates a flushed look on people’s face, which is due to the dilation of skin cells caused by alcohol. It also takes away important Vitamins and Minerals from the body, thus making it weak and making you look older than your age.

Saying Goodbye to Healthy Fats

In this age where everyone wants to look beautiful, which by the way is synonymous to being slim, people resort to dieting and eating meagerly to lose weight. What they don’t realize is that by cutting down on foods, which they assume are ‘unhealthy’, they miss out on a lot of important foods that are necessary for holistic nutrition.

Some foods have fatty acids that lead to skin hydration and prevents inflammation, wrinkles, acne et al. For example, Olive Oil is really good for the skin and protects against skin cancer. Fatty fish, salmon are also really good for the skin.

Overdose of Dairy Products

As good as they might be for calcium content in your body, excessive consumption of dairy products such as milk, curd, cottage cheese et al causes pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. These products also stimulate hormones and lead to clogging of skin and pores. If the pores of the skin are clogged, it gets really tough for the skin to breathe and thus lead to acne breakouts.

Low Fruits and Vegetables Consumption

When a person’s daily diet lacks ample fruits and vegetables, it creates a deficiency of Vitamins and Minerals. Eating these vegetables create anti- oxidants in the body that prevent the skin from having diseases or ailments.

So all you need to do is keep a tab on your food and look your age or even younger by consuming healthy foods, or rather be cautious while consuming the aforementioned food. Include them in your diet but in quantities that won’t harm your skin.
About the Author:

Sonam is a mom to one year daughter and a beauty blogger. She shares wonderful and informative tips for skin care, hair care and makeup ideas on www.beautytipsandideas.com.


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  • The alcohol one is SO true here, omg! Whenever I drink too much I always find that I look like… 10 years older the next day lol. Love this, thank you!
    Jill Therese

  • Thanks for appreciation V. I absolutely understand how much we care for our looks and this is the reason I share so much though my blog as well. This helps all of us mutually I believe. :)

  • Hi
    Great tips, but you forgot one very important one–smoking. Have you ever seen the skin of someone who has smoked cigarettes for a long time? The complexion is grayed and they are more prone to wrinkles.

  • My apologies. Nicotine is not a food.


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