60 Second Face Lift Review — Is it Just Hype?

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60 Second Face Lift

I think it’s pretty darn safe to say that the majority of people take great pride in their appearance. Maybe not alllll the time (seriously, you should see me hungover!), but when it comes to aging and environmental damage that can be done to my face, I take that sh*t seriously.

And like me, other beauty babes around the world really want something that can help with this too.

I couldn’t help but notice that my laugh lines were becoming a little more pronounced and the appearance of crows feet were popping up on my face. For whatever reason it got me thinking about that Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels episode where both him and Shannon Tweed got face lifts (here’s some disturbing footage of it if you need to quench your morbid curiosity). And I was thinking to myself, is that something I would do? Probs not, so what’s the solution?

And then I discovered the 60 Second Face Lift online. Could this be the answer?

What is the 60 Second Face Lift?

The 60 Second Face Lift is a serum that is applied to the face and will create what many consider as a positive transformation within 60 seconds, with the results lasting for up to ten to twelve hours. It is promoted as a non surgical face lift system.

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How It Works

The 60 Second Face Lift contains ingredients that help to plump up the skin which in turn makes the fine lines and wrinkles look less prominent. It is a product that has been around for many years and has a collagen base to it.

Recently the formula has been updated to include peptides and more collagen. The product itself is quite thick so you need to master the application of it, which means only applying a very thin layer.

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What We Love

We do love the fact that this product that has been around for many years. It is not one of those hit and miss type products that is promoted with a lot of hype for quick sales and disappears. There are many that have used the product for a long period of time and really stand behind its promoting of being a natural mini face lift.

The fact that you can get some improvements in your looks when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles is really important to many and we like the product because it has the ability to do this. We also love the fact that when compared to other products touting the same benefits the cost of the 60 Second Face Lift is quite reasonable.

60 sec testimonial

We love the fact that there are also other support products that you can purchase that will give you more long term results in helping to prevent further damage from aging and the environment. Basically with the 60 Second Face Lift you are looking at camouflage and with the support products you are looking at prevention.

What We Loathe

We don’t like the fact that much of the marketing material may be misleading in that it leads one to believe that the results are permanent. Most that use it would chalk it up to a quick fix. A lot of users only use it for special occasions where they really want to look their best and perhaps appear a few years younger. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be used every day though.

If you are able to set the proper expectation on what the 60 Second Face Lift is capable of then you will definitely enjoy this product and will probably want to continue using it. If you are thinking that it truly is the fountain of youth then you are probably setting yourself up for disappointment. Overall it definitely is an enhancement for younger looks for those who are dealing with wrinkles and fine lines.

So tell me, have you tried this product and seen results? Would love to hear back from any long term users. Share your experience in the comments below!

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