5 Wacky Skin Treatments that are Actually Great for Your Skin

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5 Wacky Skin Treatments*This is a guest post by Tessa*

Very often, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And seeing is believing. Yet, the path to ultimate beauty can take an unforeseen twist that borders on the bizarre.

In the current environment, where modern-day divas are looking for beauty regimens that can help reduce the signs of aging, some new and unique skin care services and procedures have emerged.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s trending in the world of skin care and beauty. But be warned – some of these wacky skin treatments are not for the faint at heart!

Get Slimed with Snail Facials

Imagine having some tiny creatures slowly making their slimy way across the delicate skin on your face, while boosting your beauty. Sounds gross, right? Not in Tokyo!

According to a report in The Telegraph, a new “snail facial” clinic, called Ci:z.Labo Clinical Salon, has begun offering this service to the tune of $245 USD per treatment, claiming that the mollusks leave a trail of protein rich slime that has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. *shudder*

Clients report smoother and more radiant skin after one treatment, thanks to the inflammation-reducing hyaluronic acid that is excreted by the snails.

Once Bitten Twice…Young?

As if Botox injections from specialized clinics weren’t enough to combat the progression of facial wrinkles, now a unique new compound fashioned after the active enzymes in snake venom has hit the market.

That’s right. A product called “SYN-AKE” has been developed by the 50-year old pharmaceutical Swiss company called Pentapharm. It is reported to mimic the “action of a neuromuscular blocking compound of the venom of the Temple Viper”.

A few well-known celebrities have been purported to be using SYN-AKE to stop the aging process, and Pentapharm is backing up their results with scientific research.

Heck, V even tested out SYN-AKE when she reviewed DNA Serum and loved it. So maybe it’s not all that wacky after all!

Frisky Feet Nibblers

Practically everyone has dealt with the nuisance of dry and flaky skin on the feet at some time or another. However, this frustrating foot problem is no match for some very hungry little fish.

You heard that right…the “fish pedicure” makes use of a pool of Garra rufa fish who voraciously eat away at dead skin cells on your tootsies.

In a just matter of minutes, your feet come out smooth and all traces of peeling skin are gone.

Think you are brave enough to face the fish? Ask for it the next time you go for a mani-pedi.

Afterbirth to Ageless Beauty

One skin care regime that’s being touted as producing flawless skin and reducing the aging process is that of the placenta face masque. Made from the freeze-dried ingredients found in the placental sac, or afterbirth.

In its sterilized powder form, placenta (taken from humans or mammals following a birth) is known to be filled with natural proteins and enzymes that preserve skin cells and soothe skin after other cosmetic treatments.

Certain celebrities swear by the anti-aging properties of placenta based cosmetics and creams, spending thousands on weekly treatments in posh salons.

China Dolls Look Out

For some people, the goal of looking young and having radiant skin takes the form of more extreme measures.

An unusual 80s skin care treatment that’s recently appeared on the scene again is that of Ceramic Crystal Therapy, which involves injecting tiny ceramic crystals into the skin.

This is to fill in lines with crystals that are considered to be permanent, unlike other wrinkle treatments that only last a few months. However, be warned, since the skin changes with age, the crystals may become visible under the skin or the body may reject them.

It seems like there are better (less painful) ways to get that ‘china girl’ look that don’t involve the use of crystal injections.

Whatever skin beauty treatments you try, be sure you are under the care of a board certified cosmetic doctor or other qualified treatment provider first.

Never undergo an unusual skin treatment without first consulting with your regular physician as certain health conditions may cause a deadly infection. After all, you can never be too safe!

Which of these wacky skin treatments would you test out? Share your thoughts below!

Author’s Bio:

Tess C. Taylor, PHR is a certified Web Content Manager, Skin Care Writer, Human Resources Professional and Career Coach with nearly two-decades of writing experience. Tess also founded the popular blogazine The HR Writer. As a regular contributor to multiple HR and Business publications, including Benefitfocus, Dale Carnegie Institute, HR Magazine, PayScale, and US News Careers, Tess is dedicated to educating others about important skin care and marketing topics worldwide by working alongside Thrive Medical Spa. You can connect with Tess on Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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